The Most Powerful ICO Of 2018

Miner Edge is going to close its private sale tomorrow and we want to make sure all the investors get a chance to invest in the biggest ICO of 2018. The grounds behind this claim is not only the benefits that we are meting out but the scale of mining operation at which no project has been initiated yet.

We are on the verge of closing the private sale now and have received tremendous response from investors, analysts and listing websites. We are totally overwhelmed with such a response and want to thank the entire crypto fraternity. We want to ensure those who could not become a part of our private sale, that they still have the opportunity with pre-sale and later rounds of ICOs.

We would to like to reiterate the some facts that make this project unique and will this project crystal clear to investors who have an iota of doubt in their minds.

Crypto Mining is 100% Profitable Business*


We have been saying this from the very beginning of our project and this fact remains unchanged due to unalterable factors that favor us. Looking at the current scenario of crypto market, many people raised doubts which was obvious following the recent undulations in the price of bitcoin.

Bitcoin is surely going to get reinvigorated and while its value is down, it is the best time to invest in its mining. From US$20,000 it plummeted to US$2,000, then got up to US$11,000, this pattern of up and down shows a steady movement in coin's flow in the market. To explain it better we can compare it with any technology that went through tribulations and censures in their incipient phase. For instance, try to recall what happened with internet in the early 90s.

All the above mentioned details assure the success of Miner Edge project with flying colors. To ensure that the miners remain motivated and encouraged to keep digging into blockchain, Miner Edge has unmatched reward programs, all miners will get rewards on daily basis on whichever coin they mine.

coin-idol $37.8M daily
coin-idol $24M daily
coin-idol $3.7M daily
coin-idol $2.2M daily

The total mining rewards allotted for a single day is $67.7 Million. Our aim is to make sure the diligence of our miners is paid off well and providing them an opportunity to become a part of this industry which is going to be a dream for aspiring miners and crypto enthusiasts. With this magnitude of opportunities, we just want to ensure that our miners stay focused and give their best to generate coins.

Now let's look at the mining prospects, there are numerous mining farms established in a past few years. A very few of them actually disclose their locations, all we know is they are ensconced either in some border areas between two countries or in some derelict factories replenished into mining units. Some have even setup their miners in underground bunkers.

Miner Edge has divulged each & every detail above-board and ready for any queries or investigation regarding our project. Miner Edge will setup its mining farm in Manitoba Canada which has a record fall of temperature, the lowest temperature recorded here is 3 degree Celsius which is way lower than Sweden and some other countries where a few mining operations have recently started. This extreme cold is one of the biggest advantage that Miner Edge has, alongwith the green electricity which is cheaper than what the other countries are offering.

Miner Edge Different From Others

The basics of our operation is what makes us different from others. Backed with the apt location and cheaper electricity, Miner Edge took care of the essentials that will augment the efficiency of operations.

Diversified Portfolio:

This diversified portfolio saves us from the ups and downs of the market, and will never halt the operations even if the value of one of the coins is down. You must have heard an old saying, "do not keep all the eggs in one basket". Investors also have the same approach doing business and Miner Edge has taken the same precaution by mining not only Bitcoin, but also Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum and Monero. This would ensure that our mining will not be halted even if the value of one coin is down, we will be able to mine the other coins and cover the cost

Genuine Project:

Miner Edge never created any hype with exaggerated facts, we say what the truth is. All the figures that we have shown in our whitepaper or any social media post tells the exact thing. There are many ICO projects that showed misleading figures in the whitepaper and tried to gain the confidence of investors. Miner Edge is not into this dirty deal. To make the things more clear, the CEO of Miner Edge Mr. Rakesh Handa made himself available to any query.

Location: Stable & Business-Friendly

If we talk about the location, apart from being a cold and cheaper place, Canada is a country which is politically stable and business friendly. It provides entrepreneurs their own sphere to create and experiment things. Canada is a country which is least known for any kind of political or economic unrests, unlike many developed nations which have one or other agenda that they fight over. This happens because of the country's cooperative lookout towards individuals and businesses.

Intact Connectivity:

Talking about the resources, we have mentioned it many times that Canada provides cheapest electricity and the internet connectivity is also more lasting due stable weather. Many neighboring nations suffer hurricanes and occasional tornadoes which thwart their internet connectivity. Thankfully, nature has saved Canada from these lashes and its perennial cold weather is quite enjoyable by the people here.

Green Electricity:

A vital part of mining industry today. Miner Edge operations are fully powered by green energy. Ensuring the minimum cost of mining and zero effect of environment. The cold environment is already helping us to keep the rigs cool, so we estimate cooling equipments will consume lesser electricity than the miners based in other countries. This is probably the strongest aspect of Miner Edge operations and we are very enthusiastic to tell people about the benefits of green electricity, as we ourselves have realized how useful it is to the entire economy and society. We are even promoting green energy in our campaign and have issued social media posts highlighting its bright sides.

100% Sure Shot Success of Miner Edge


Miner Edge is also going to implement management principles in day to day working. One such principle that it is going to apply is "KISS" (Keep It Simple Stupid). This principle follows simplicity rather than complex procedures and meticulous measures. Miner Edge has adapted this principle to maintain efficiency and transparency in its operations. This principle has been followed by many industries including Animation and Weaponry. Walt Disney pictures and Lockheed Martin both adapted this as a policy of management, resulting in immense success that the whole world knows about.

Miner Edge will keep the generation of coins edgy different investment programs as well which will strengthen the mining. One such program is the Immigration plan.

CANADA Business Immigration Program: Province of Manitoba Canada is OPEN to qualified Business persons from all over the world for Business immigration. In this category beside meeting the Basic immigration requirement one important criteria is that qualified immigrant has to start a Business in Manitoba Canada where their personal investment in new or existing Business should be minimum of $ 250,000 . The Canadian Immigration has been open to qualified personals for number of years with government making changes as and when required, Due to lack of tremendous Business opportunities in province of Manitoba this program has lost some glimmer because of the reducing scope of business here.


Miner Edge Crypto Mining business has the potential to gain those immigrants back with investments that would flourish Crypto mining as well as the economy of the whole country.

Apart from the immigration scheme, Miner Edge team is another strong factor because of which this project is on the go now. The CEO of Miner Edge Mr. Rakesh Handa has been active in the immigration services for last 20 years now. Besides he has dabbled into many industries and is considered a jack of all trades now. With a team of shrewd advisors and diligent board members, Mr. Handa has led this project with a vision to set milestones.

As per market estimation, Bitcoin mining will reach the threshold of US$26 billion by 2020, which begets the biggest opportunities for miners such as Miner Edge. Even with the current slouch, bitcoin maintains a firm stand and investors are just waiting for its next leap which would surely open a jackpot for everyone.

If these details do not convince you, the CEO of Miner EDGE Mr. Rakesh Handa has also made himself available to answer any questions from the investors. Miner Edge is a project which is going to make cryptocurrency mining a blue chip investment and it is an opportunity for everyone to invest in the future.