Miner Edge is a community of people who want to mine crypto currencies profitably by combining resources to achieve savings on cutting-edge equipment, professional maintenance, and ultra-low-cost electricity. We are conducting an Initial Coin Offering, or “ICO”, to raise funds and build the World’s Largest Crowd funded Crypto Mining Operation. The Miner Edge “coin” will be the ME Token. Once Miner Edge is built and mining crypto currencies, ME Holders will all share the output based on the ME Tokens each holds.( ICOs are used to fundraise for many different kinds of projects ours is for crypto Mining)
In short: it’s participation in crypto currency mining at optimum efficiency and sharing of the output equitably without the hassle of doing it yourself. It’s a better deal than “cloud” mining, more efficient than most mining pools, and more stable than buying crypto currency outright. Despite recent turbulence in crypto currency markets, mining done right can be very profitable. Miner
Our strategy is very straightforward: 1) Raise funds,
2) Leverage those funds to procure the best mining equipment and other necessities at the lowest possible prices,
3) Set up the hardware in a suitable secured facilities in Canada and Iceland
4) Start diversified Crypto mining;
5) Distribute Bi weekly what we mine minus electricity and basic operating/maintenance costs to the Miner Edge Community (i.e., ME Token Holders).
In a crypto currency network, mining is the validation of transactions in that crypto currency. The encryption necessary to do it requires significant computing power. For contributing to this effort, successful miners receive crypto currency as a reward.
Participate in the Miner Edge ICO and Private sale starting May 15, 2018 and acquire MET Tokens in BTC / Ethereum
Our vision is to be the World’s largest Crowd funded Crypto Mining Operation. That vision is based on the enormous investment we are making into planning and fundraising as well as the planned scope of Miner Edge. We are confident that by bringing together a broad community of contributors and a dedicated team of experts, that vision can become reality.
While we would love for as many people to join the Miner Edge Community as possible, we cannot advise you on what is the right amount for you to invest, or whether Miner Edge is the right investment for you. Crypto currency mining is not without risk, and we are open and candid about those risks in our White Paper. As you can see, Miner Edge also offers great potential benefits. We encourage you to read the White Paper carefully and consider the risks and benefits before making a decision.
Miner Edge will mine crypto currency, starting with bitcoin (BTC),Eatherium/Dash/Monerio/Lit coin in a large facility full of specialized equipment, all the necessary safety and security measures, and ultra-low-cost electricity.
Miner Edge will be initially mining five coins Bitcoin / ETH / Dash/ Monero / Litcoin
We will buy the best currently-available hardware that is specially made to mine coin. These miners are called ASICs, or “application-specific integrated circuit chips”. Right now, the best ASIC miner is the Ebit Miner E10 made by Ebang. For a comparison of miners, please see our White Paper. Graphics cards will be used to mine different crypto currencies,
Miner Edge will be responsible for ensuring peak mining efficiency for the entire Miner Edge Community by having our dedicated experts obtain, install, and maintain the mining equipment. Relying on others would make ensuring peak efficiency very difficult.
Crypto currencies are a new and volatile instrument and mining depends on various factors, some beyond our control. Returns can be high, but they can also be low or even zero, depending on conditions. We cannot predict or promise returns with certainty. But, if all goes well, our calculations show returns could be as high as 9 percent per month. Please read our White Paper for all the details and risks.
We are leasing the building, but the building will be adapted and equipment will be bought, installed, and maintained by Miner Edge. There is an option to expand as well as construct additional buildings next door.
In our case, scalability means adding more electricity and more space for mining equipment. We have options for expansion, but are also planning to have more than one location, if necessary – whether in Canada or another country with similar advantages.
You go to www.Mineredge.io and follow the instructions. During the ICO and Crowdsale, ME Tokens will be sold on www.Mineredge.io. You can pay for ME Tokens in ether (ETH), bitcoin (BTC), litecoin (LTC) or $ using the payment options available on our website. To receive your ME Tokens and your monthly Miner Edge payouts, you will need what’s called an “ERC20 token-compatible ether wallet” (like Metamask, MyEtherWallet, Parity, Mist, or imToken). This winter , Miner Edge will be offering an ERC20 token-compatible wallet of its own called the B-Wallet. It will enable you to conveniently store your ME Tokens and receive and store Miner Edge payouts
We will provide detailed payment instructions on www.Mineredge.io during the Crowd sale.
Yes. Tokens not distributed during the Crowd sale will be burned by smart contract.
If you intend to invest 10 ETH or more, let’s talk. Please contact us at [email protected]

Our Team

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Mr. Rakesh Handa

Founder & CEO

Business Developer and Marketing professional with significant years of true international experience in strategic business development, product & services marketing and sales, account management and customer services.

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Mr. Philip Ikechi Ejiofor


Ejiofor is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria and an associate member. He has several years of experience in Finance and Accounting. He has led several projects that involved huge scale of auditing and is a patron to many banks and organizations.


Mr. Lloyd Stewart

Chief Management Officer

An entrepreneur and innovator who pioneered several projects under his leadership and formed Lotis group. A guiding light to many aspiring entrepreneurs who want prove themselves.


Mr. Melvin Wijenayaka

Chief Technical Officer

An app developer by profession, who explored new avenues of technology and went on to be become CTO at Lotis group. A technocrat with entrepreneurial skills and leadership ability.


Mr. Akeem Ojuko

Chief Investment Advisor

A tech junkie with profound understanding of blockchain who went on to found his own company providing blockchain services. A true gem in MIner Edge's team.

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Mr. Sandip Rathod

Sales, Marketing

Sandip Rathod is a Sales , Marketing and Media expert with over 20 year of experience at various levels of management. He brings along a wide Canadian Media landscape knowledge with strategic deployment of resources.

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Mr. Salman Qadir

Chief Investment Officer

With profound knowledge of technology, Salman has helped numerous organizations in various countries to flourish. His acumen on blockchain makes him indispensable.

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Mr. Anton Sudnik

International Business Partner

Anton played a pivotal role in cracking some of the biggest deals of business in his remarkable career. He gained the wherewithal of trade working in different organization as a key figure.

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Mr. Cherif Ousmane SARR

Brand Ambassador

Ousmane Sarr is a charismatic footballer and headstrong leader. His personality manifests conviction, strength and confidence towards the game. His experience and skill makes him a shield for the entire team.



Mr. Jagadeshwar Porandla

Blockchain Advisor

A technology connoisseur who has mastered programs, languages and blockchain with in-depth knowledge and experience of execution.


Mr. Emmanuel Onwuegbuzie

Financial Advisor

He has over 13 years’ experience in financial services and holds an MBA in Finance and Marketing. A highly self-motivated member of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountant (ACCA) and Institute of Credit Administration (ICA).


Mr. Zahid Imran

Crypto Advisor

Zahid is a crypto enthusiast and technophiliac who invested years in studying the idiosyncrasies of the blockchain technology and has acquired an awe-inspiring knowhow.

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Mr. Naviin Kapoor

Blockchain ICO Advisor

Naviin is a blockchain enthusiast and expert who has gained years of experience in handling multiple projects together and has been instrumental in excellent and timely deliverance.

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Mr. Stefan Bergström

Crypto Advisor

A history of investment profiles in different domains makes Stefan's portfolio remarkable. He has been an Angel Investor to a number of firms, an entrepreneur who spearheaded many projects with stellar success.

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Mr. Christopher Cottone

Crypto Advisor

Christopher is a blockchain expert and a successful tech entrepreneur. His wisdom on technology has earned him a reputation of offline and he has been a father figure to many organizations.

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Mr. Shalva Machitidze


A maven in banking and finance, Shalva also dabbled in marketing and blockchain. He mastered every domain he was involved in, by producing the most favorable results for the organizations he worked with.